21st June 2016

Win A GoPro For Your Travel Videos

The GoPro competition is now closed. Thank you for your entries.

So here’s the deal. We’re giving away GoPros, and it’s pretty easy to win one. We want to see our destinations through your eyes, so if you want to win a GoPro, keep your phones and cameras at the ready and send us your best travel videos. All we need is a short clip, 30 seconds max, but you can upload as many clips as you like. In fact, the more videos you upload, the more chances you
have to win

How can you win?

We’re going to choose winners based on the quality of their video. Interesting videos that show off a destination, its people, the food, the atmosphere… those are the videos we’ll use and those are the ones that will win.

When you have some winning video, simply head to our Video Upload page and fill in the short form to enter your videos. For full T&Cs and an explanation of exactly how the winners will be chosen, head over here.

Tips to help you win a GoPro

Win a GoPro Video Tutorial Infographic

Turn your phone to the side

This is the ultimate, number one, top of the list, most important thing to remember when you’re recording video on your phone.  If you hold the phone upright, you’ll end up with a video that looks fine on a phone, but not on a TV or computer screen. You know the videos that have that big black border on each side? Yeah, that’s to be avoided. Always turn your phone horizontally (hold it in ‘landscape’ mode) when you want to film anything.

Framing & Composition

So, you’ve seen something beautiful or interesting or colourful and you want to film it? That’s definitely a good start. But it’s important not to just aim the camera in its general direction and hope for the best. Really look at what the picture in your phone’s screen is like before you hit record. Does the subject fill the frame or is there a lot of empty space? Does the subject look better in the centre of the screen, or is it kind of cool if you move the camera to that the subject is off to the side? Is the horizon straight? Play around a bit. If you want to win a GoPro, take the time to make the shot as beautiful as you can.

Get Close

Most phone cameras have a zoom function, but the zoom function usually comes with a big degradation in the quality of the picture.  Instead of zooming and ending up with a fuzzy, poor quality image – try to get closer to what you want to film. We like to think of it as an IRL (in real life) zoom.

Forget your flash

The flash on camera phones is LED, and while it will illuminate the subject, it can also create a weird tone and colour in the video. By all means try with the flash if there is no way around it – but if you’re shooting in low light, the best thing to do is work with what surrounding light you have. A lamp in the room, the moon’s glow, street lights or candles will all look better than using a flash. Get creative!

Get snap appy 

There are some very cool apps available now that will add a little somethin’ somethin’ to what your phone’s camera can already do. Filmic Pro is a good one – as apps go it’s expensive and you will need a little practice to get used to what it can do, but once you get it mastered you can start to really make your shots look amazing. If you want to make a timelapse video, Instagram’s Hyperlapse is a great way to do it really simply. Have a browse through the app store and see what’s out there that can help you.

Check your light

If you are filming outside in sunlight, remember to think about where the light is coming from. If the sun is behind the person or building you are filming, your phone will have difficulty picking out the detail of the subject. You might end up with a shot that looks dull, or where the subject has been almost silhouetted. While this can look very cool (and sunrise/sunset shots are the perfect example of it looking cool), if you want to capture the detail of the subject,  try to have the light shining on it rather than coming from behind it. This might mean moving around a bit or waiting until a different time of day when the sun has moved – but it’s worth it for the right shot!

Watch your fingers!

Yes, we know it’s obvious, but it happens. A lot. Before you hit record, make sure your finger isn’t masking any part of the lens. You’ll be annoyed later if you realise that your big fat finger has ruined an otherwise beautiful bit of video. We don’t want that for you. We don’t want that for anyone. Take care out there.

Try a different angle

Say you’ve seen something that you think would make a great addition to a destination video, but when you stand in front of it, your phone just doesn’t seem to do it justice. Try crouching down and holding the camera at a low angle, looking up at your subject. Try videoing it from the side, or if you can get to a higher point see if a higher camera angle works better. Maybe a close up of a beautiful door is more interesting than the whole front of the building… Try a few different angles and see if it gives you a better result.

Dee Murray

Dee Murray

Dee Murray has a very simple travel MO... Go to great places; do awesome stuff; eat delicious food; then come home and write about it all.


  • Kelsey

    Had a nice flight today from Alicante airport to birmingham airport

    31st July 2016 at 10:45 pm
  • Martin Gergov

    Wow! Super Game!

    1st August 2016 at 5:08 am
  • Daniela

    When does the competition finish? Thank you.

    16th August 2016 at 2:58 pm
    • Dee Murray
      Dee Murray

      Hi Daniela – we will be closing the competition at the end of the month with our next video so there’s still time to enter if you’d like!

      16th August 2016 at 3:08 pm
  • Thomas

    Is there a chance to extend this competition because our trip ends at the end of August so I haven’t enough time to edit the video and send it to you :/


    17th August 2016 at 10:14 am

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