6th September 2017

Our Top 3 Picks for this year’s Champions League

Football. Love or hate it, but nobody’s on the fence. It can be the bonding factor between friends, lovers and families. Or, it can leave relationships more broken than most Premier League manager’s grasp of the English language. But what if there was a way to keep everyone happy? Look no further. We’ve chosen the top 3 destinations from the UK Premier League club’s draw where you can enjoy a holiday as well as the match.





 The only sweeter deal than Manchester United’s group draw are our fares to Lisbon in October.


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This October, enjoy the beautiful game as well as this beautiful city when Chelsea meet Roma.


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Great food and even better weather should spur you on to visit this amazing city when Tottenham clash with Real Madrid in October.


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So there you have it. Take our advice and no matter what the result of the game, you’ll still have scored a great holiday.


Brian Finucane

Brian Finucane

Brian likes mountain bikes, music and food and sometimes writes about them when he is not in a food coma from over-indulging, or an actual coma from over-estimating his abilities on the bike.

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