10th June 2016

French Phrases to Get You Through The Games

So, you’re off to France for the games… a bit of travelling, lots of cheering and maybe a couple of pints while you’re there, yeah? Well, France is one of those places where it’s particularly helpful to have a few local phrases on-hand. There are plenty of people there who speak English, but there are also many who don’t – and besides that, it’s simple good manners to learn a little of the local language before you hit up a new country.

Since we’re feeling helpful, we thought we’d help you out with a few phrases that might be relevant over the next few weeks… Don’t worry, we’ve kept it pretty simple…. Here’s Ryanair’s little French Footy Phrasebook.


Withnail wine

What’s the craic? Quoi de neuf ?

Where is the pub? Où est le pub?

I would like a beer/wine/tequila/ambulance:  Je voudrais une bière/un verre de vin/un shot de tequila/une ambulance

What do you have on tap? Quelle bière pression avez-vous?

A pint, please: Une pinte, s’il vous plait.


Bus Travolta

Taxi!  Taxi! 

Where is the train station?  Où est la gare?

Is there a bus to the airport? Est-ce qu’il y a un bus pour l’aéroport?

How much is a ticket to…? Combien coûte le billet pour…? 

Where does this train/bus go?  Où va ce train/bus? 

Does this train/bus stop in…? Ce train/bus s’arrête-t-il à…?


fans singing gif

Green Army : Armée verte

Come on You Boys in Green: Allez les garçons en vert

The referee’s a wanker: Well.. the French are too polite to say this. Try ‘Avale ton sifflet’ (swallow your whistle) instead!

How do I get to the stadium? Où est le stade?

Who are ya?!  Qui es-tu?!

You’re not singing any more! Vous ne chantez plus !

And finally, most importantly…

Get up, Ronaldo. Nobody touched you Lève-toi, Ronaldo . Personne ne t’a touché


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Bon Voyage! And COYBIG!



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