4th August 2015

The mesmerizing island of Mallorca

Lying at the centre of Europe so just a stones throw, or a short Ryanair flight, from most main cities. Mallorca entices you with its crystal waters and shimmering city lights. Whether you are searching for idyllic countryside tranquillity or pulsating disco beats, Mallorca has hidden secrets to tantalise the most demanding of travel taste buds.

Hot air ballooning over the Serra de Tramuntana, winding through the countryside on the vintage Tren de Soller, horseback riding through the Llevant Peninsular National Park. From quaint Mallorcan villages that seem to have been untouched since 100 years to wild crazy nights in the bars and nightclubs of the islands south coast. It’s not all sun, sand and sangria… but if that’s your thing there’s an endless supply to go round. Mallorca gets a top score on my Fab-O-Meter.

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Ryanair Staff

Ryanair Staff

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