6th October 2015

How to Make the Most of a Weekend Break in Prague

I’m from the Czech Republic and although I’m not from Prague, every time I go to the city, I feel like a local as well as tourist. It`s SUCH a multicultural city – you find people from every corner of the world and you just ultimately blend in.  Whenever I’m in the city, I always like to re-visit Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and the Old Town Square.


charles bridge prague

Charles Bridge


Charles Bridge is decorated with around 30 statues including St Francis of Assisi. Lots of tourists queue to take a photo, plus they say if you touch the statues it’s good luck and you should make a wish.

As you walk over the bridge, you’re accompanied by accordion and violin music from local musicians and you’ll see portrait painters and artists selling their paintings.


prague castle1234

Prague Castle



Getting to Prague Castle is a bit of walk,  but along the way you can pop into local stores and pick up some traditional ginger bread or stop for a brew or a beer.

Personally, my favourite thing about the castle is watching the changing of the guard.  The castle is a national treasure and contains some of the most important symbols of the country including the Saint Wenceslas Crown Coronation Cross.



Prague Astronomical Clock At Old Town City Hall From 1410 Is The Third Oldest Astronomical Clock In World And Oldest One Still Working

Prague’s Astronomical Clock


Whenever I can, I try to end the day at The Old Town Square. Its famous astronomical clock is one of the oldest astronomical clocks in the world and strikes hourly to represent the walk of the Apostles.

Prague is always full of life and is a good place to go during traditional celebrations such as Easter, Christmas, New Year or if you’re celebrating a birthday, stag or hen party.

Even though it’s hot, summer is one of the best times of the year to visit Prague. Make sure you take the lightest clothes you can find in your wardrobe, as it can get as hot as 40C. Fortunately there are a lot of outdoor swimming pools on offer including Ladvi, Kobylisy and tons of others.


Where to Stay in Prague


I always stay somewhere a bit cheaper as I’d rather save on accommodation and spend more on things to see and do in the city. If you’re like me, I’d recommend Sir Toby’s Hostel which is located just outside of the city.  It’s clean, the rates are reasonable and there’s free wifi and a local pub. You can either walk to the first metro station or take 2 stops by local tram to get to tube. Travel tip: Prague has 3 different lines but it’s never a problem finding your way around. If you decide to go further than the city centre during your visit, it’s worth buying a daily or weekly transport ticket, rather than buying a new one every time which will only last an hour.


Christmas Markets


prague christmas markets

Jingle all the way: Prague’s Christmas Markets


If you’re planning to come to Prague for the Christmas markets, make sure you take the warmest clothes you have. It’s wonderful to wander around outside to fully enjoy the Christmas brews such as Medovina a type of mulled wine, as well as some warm snacks such as trdelnik pastries, ginger bread or traditional sausages, but it’s very, very cold. For an extra special experience, snuggle up under a blanket and let a horse and carriage carry you around the city.

Prague is the city of towers, so enjoy the view!

Eva is a cabin crew supervisor at Ryanair’s East Midlands Airport base

Ryanair Staff

Ryanair Staff

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    I loved the description, and it brought me such memories of one of my favorites trips ever. I’m from Colombia, South America, and couple of years ago I decided to visit Czech Republic and I must say that a felt in love immediately of such a wonderful culture, lovely people, magnificent architecture, interesting history, and off course delicious food! I can’t wait to go back one more time!!!

    7th October 2015 at 2:17 pm
  • Richard

    Whow, I was in Prague in USA and I would never imagine, that Prague in Czech Republic is so beautiful. My next destination is definitely this place. I’ve already heard about the beer.

    7th October 2015 at 4:21 pm

    Thanks for this informative and vivid article on the lovely city ‘Prague’. It was almost a virtual tour for me. Going through this article actually increased my desire to visit the city which is rich in cultural heritage, also traditionally modern and dynamic at the same time !!!

    7th October 2015 at 6:34 pm
    • Eva

      I am glad you been inspired and hope you will have the opportunity to come over to explore. Thank you very much for your comment.

      14th October 2015 at 10:35 am
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    Beautifully written!
    This is exactly what I wanted. Being a travel freak, apart from identifying places to see, I usually look out for the most basic things on my trips so that it is hassle-free. Travel, food (drinks) and accommodation. This post does exactly that!
    Without a doubt, Prague is a magical city. Probably among the most beautiful cities in Europe.
    After reading this, I am even more keen on planning my visit very soon. Thanks!

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    • Eva

      Thank you for your comments, city like this is great to prepare for. I wish I could have written more but hint hopefully inspire people to plan ahead better, as you said you can avoid a lot of unnecessary overcharging etc
      Hope you visit Prague again!:)

      15th October 2015 at 3:20 am
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