8th October 2015

Finding Magic in Marsala

I grew up thinking Marsala was some kind of a magic potion that, like in the cartoons, would transform me and my brothers into super heroes if we drank it.

As a child, there was always a bottle of Marsala in mom’s kitchen, and she always told us that a drop of Marsala made everyone grow stronger. But what I never realised before I came to Marsala, was that there was an amazing wine behind that magic potion.

It’s no accident that Marsala is known as “città del vino” – city of wine –  everything around this beautiful city smells like wine. Wonderful vineyards surround every part of it. You will find them by the sea while taking a fresh dip in the Mediterranean or up in the hills while photographing the sights.  You will even find vineyards in Mozia island, just to remind you that the tradition goes back as far as the ancient  Phoenician civilization.


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Marsala is known as the city of wine

But what amazed me most about Marsala was my visit to the winery Caruso & Minini. The winery is run by a family that have made their passion their way of life. Caruso & Minini is located on 120 hectares of land. Grapes are harvested here and transformed into delicious wines at their cellar right in the heart of the city.


vineyards sicily

The city is surrounded by vineyards

The winery is managed by the fourth generation of the Caruso family, who along with the Minini’s, export the most refined Sicilian wines to 28 countries around the world. The tour to the cellar is a thrilling experience – you’re able to watch the whole process, from the arrival to the grapes ( I actually saw the trucks coming into the courtyard and emptying their load of grapes into the crushing machines) all the way to the bottling line and finally, the packing of the cases. Professional staff demonstrate techniques and tools and make you understand everything like an expert.


caruso wine sellers

Caruso & Minini’s wine cellars

The tour reaches an end only after you have tasted a whole bunch of wonderful wines –  all made in Sicily by Caruso & Minini, Grillo, Grecanico, Nero d’Avola and Perricone. They’ll  remain in your palate for a while, but a visit to Marsala will remain in your heart for much longer…


Getting to Marsala


Marsala is located just a few kilometers from the Trapani Airport. Rent a car or take a train from Trapani – the journey time is around 23 minutes. The Caruso & Minini cellar is located on Via Salemi close to the centre of Marsala.  A guided tour (including tastings) is available from €5 per person.


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