14th August 2015

Destination Sardinia: An Island Tour from Alghero to Cagliari

Ready to hit the road and make the most of Sardinia’s western coast from North to South?

Fly to Alghero airport and within a 15 minute drive you will find yourself in ‘little Barcelona’. The city of Alghero is known as Barcelloneta  because locals speak the Catalan language and the buildings have a distinctive Spanish look.

Get out of Alghero and sleep in a nice agriturismo or a B&B inland like the ones around Barratz Lake – Agriturismo Barratz is a good one. Here you can enjoy great local and handmade dishes including maloreddus, pane carasau, pecorino sardo and total quietness at night. After you have fully recharged with the local breakfast, often including local sweet casadinas – visit the local wineries Santa Maria La Palma or the most famous Sella&Mosca – even if you’re not into wine at all, you’ll end up tasting and sipping a good Cannonau wine!

Stintino, one of the most famous and beautiful beaches in Sardinia is just a  50-minute drive north from Alghero – all the beaches around there are equally amazing from La Pelosa to Le Vele or Le Saline. If you are looking for less packed beaches north from Alghero, you can choose Spiaggia delle Bombarde and Spiaggia del Lazzaretto and enjoy the stunning coastal views while driving to Capo Caccia, where it’s worth making a stop and visiting the sea caves of Grotta di Nettuno.

Moving south, drive for around 280 km crossing the island north west to south west through interesting and colourful landscapes until you reach the peninsula of Sant’Antioco – connected to Sardinia’s main island by narrow piece of land. You can find nice B&Bs like Gaulos, apartments or private villas – all at very reasonable prices. This is the best way to enjoy this amazing yet still not too famous corner of Sardinia. Bathe in the beaches of Portixeddu, Maladroxia, Coaquaddus, Cala Sapone, Cala Lunga, Nido dei Passeri, Spiaggia Grande and have a dinner out in the nearby little city of Calasetta and a delicious pizza and gelato in the main square.



Unique: Sardinia’s architecture


From Sant’Antioco get a ferry (around 40 minutes crossing) and explore the neighbouring islet of San Pietro where the architecture, local accents and food testify to the presence of Genoan people in the past. Don’t miss the beaches of Cala dello Spalmatore and Cala Mezzaluna and enjoy a sunset aperitif with the traditional focaccia before getting the ferry back to Sant’Antioco.

If you think you’ve seen enough of this amazing land you will definitely be astonished by the south west of Sardinia’s main land and the beaches and white sands shaped in dunes by the wind in Porto Pino. Lastly – something you cannot really miss is a boat trip from Porto Pino to Cala Zafferano where the sea sparkles in all the variants of blue. There are several private companies that organise boat trips to Cala Zafferano and around Golfo di Teulada.

Time to leave Sardinia…and drive for around 80km from Sant’Antioco to Cagliari airport.

Chiara is a sales executive in Ryanair’s marketing department

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