10th August 2015

City Break Tips for Thessaloniki, Greece

Located in the northern part of mainland Greece, Thessaloniki is the country’s second largest city, well-known for its long-standing history, amazing food, and vibrant nightlife all components of the city’s unique culture. Built by the Thermaikos Sea, Thessaloniki’s unique and romantic atmosphere make it an ideal city-break destination for leisure.

Here are a few things that you should definitely try in Thessaloniki to make your trip memorable:

  • Wander around the city centre: Start your walk or rent a bike from the port and continue by the seaside to the Music Hall passing by Aristotelous Square and the White Tower.
  • Enjoy the food: Thessaloniki is well known in Greece for its amazing food, being home to numerous traditional Greek tavernas and high-end restaurants. In the area of Ladadika in the city centre you may find several small taverns that offer delicious Greek mezedes at very good prices. If you like to have fish, pay a visit to the area of Kalamaria, in the East side of the city and try some ouzo and seafood by the sea.
  • Explore the history: Named after Alexander the Great’s sister ‘’Thessaloniki’’ has rich and unique history, being home to several archaeological and byzantine sites. The archaeological museum and the open ancient market are definitely worth a visit.
  • Do a little shopping: People from Thessaloniki are known for their eclectic style and that is something you will also see on the windows of shops. Apart from the big fashion chains, and malls, Thessaloniki has numerous small boutiques making it an ideal destination for shopping.
  • Go out and have fun: Whether you like rooftop cocktail bars, small wine bars or nightclubs, Thessaloniki has it all and within easy reach.
  • Drink frappe and eat koulouri or bougatsa for breakfast. Greeks are very inventive when experimenting with iced coffee! Frappe would be the traditional coffee and koulouri or boygatsa with cheese and cream the traditional breakfast in Thessaloniki.
  • Go to the beach: You may not be aware of this but Thessaloniki is less than 1 hour drive from Halkidiki, which has amazing sandy beaches that compete with those of the Greek islands.
  • You can either rent a car and visit the three peninsulas or get one of the many daily buses if you wish to spend less.


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