18th September 2015

Burgos, City of Knights and Kings


Are you looking for a travel destination that’s full of history with good food and great clubbing at night? Look no further…Burgos, my home city is for you!

Burgos can be reached easily by bus within a couple of hours from Madrid Airport or Santiago de Compostela. If you like to travel, you’ll probably have seen many historical places in your time. But a lot of what you’ve seen would have never been possible without Burgos.

Did you know that Europe’s first man can be traced back to in Atapuerca in Burgos?  You can learn more about this history at the city’s Museo de la Evolución Humana.


el cid burgos

El Cid


Also, Burgos is the city where El Cid Campeador, also known as Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, was born and raised. He was responsible for stopping the Moorish invasion.

Burgos cathedral is one of the most beautiful buildings in Spain (and Europe). Look out for the mechanical  figure that announces the time. It’s called “Papamoscas” and has been ringing a bell on the hour since the 17th century.

Most of Burgos’ city centre is still an old city, with old buildings and beautiful architecture, but it’s still functional. For this reason, it’s one of the most popular cities with art students in Europe, people say it’s second only to Rome.




Burgos is home to some of Spain’s tastiest, most traditional dishes. If you come to Burgos, be sure to try the delicious lamb and lentil dishes.  Another specialty to try is the Morcilla, a blood sausage with rice and onion – it’s considered the best in Spain. Also, in Burgos we have our very own cheese. It’s a fresh cheese, usually used in desserts, sometimes with honey and nuts. If you order something called Grampa’s dessert you can try it – it’s really tasty!

Finally, when it’s time to party in the city centre, I recommend you go to the  Las Llanas quarter, there are stunning views of the cathedral here too.

Enjoy Burgos!


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