17th August 2015

Bucharest: The City that Never Sleeps


Bucharest never sleeps – not because the Romanians are werewolves descended from Dracula but simply, because Bucharest is the home of non-stop partying.

Situated on the border between Central Europe and the Balkan Peninsula, Bucharest is a fast and continuously developing city which has over 2 million inhabitants. Being affordable and accessible (the city is connected to Brussels, London, Madrid, Dublin by Ryanair), Bucharest is a destination that fully deserves to be discovered.

Lipscani Neighbourhood

The Romanian  capital takes its Party City reputation very seriously.  A bustling hub of bars and clubs can be found in the old city centre, known as the Lipscani neighbourhood. Most bars and clubs are open until very late, offering tourists a real and unique outdoor club experience. The atmosphere builds in the evening when the terraces become crowded with young revellers.

The historic buildings in the old city centre of the Little Paris (the interwar name of Bucharest) date mostly  from the eighteenth century and were restored a few years ago. Immediately, the old city centre (Lipscani) became a popular partying spot for young Romanians and  foreigners alike, as well as those seeking a cool refuge from the hot Romanian summer evenings.

The bars, pubs and restaurants attract customers through the originality of their design, music genre and food.

Besides good, cheap Romanian beer, visitors can taste delicious traditional dishes such as sarmale (a mixture of minced meat and rice wrapped in cabbage) and mici ( a mixture of pork, beef and lamb meat grilled in a cylindrical shape).

Fast Facts

  • The Parliament Palace (formerly known as People’s Palace) was built by Nicolae Ceausescu the former communist party leader and is the biggest building in Europe. It can be found just a few steps away from the old city centre.
  • Bucharest is the 6th largest city in the EU by population
  •  The average cost for two nights’ accommodation with food and a tour of the city included is 116 euros
  •  A meal with drinks included costs 12 euro on average
  • 31 cents/ km is the taxi fare in Bucharest
  • 3400 bars, restaurants and cafes are located in Bucharest


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