5th November 2015

3 Secrets from Bologna


The thing that fascinates me most about living in Bologna are the city’s “7 Secrets”, a mix of legends and true stories. I’m going to share just a few of these with you – I’ll let you discover the other ones for yourself when you visit…


1. The ‘Little Venice’


bologna water


Not many people realise that up until around 80 years ago, Bologna was full of boats loading goods to carry to the Adriatic sea harbours through several channels that were connected to the River Po.

Nowadays, streets and buildings cover these canals but there are still some corners where you can see what life was like all those years ago, such as “Finestrella sul Reno”(the little window above the Reno).

The secret is well preserved so beware of the hidden channels; you never know where you’ll end up, maybe even in Via Piella…





bologna bicycle


In the middle of one of the main street of Bologna there is an eye-catching sentence that says ‘Canabis protects you’, does the ancient meaning match with ours? In Latin CAÑABIS means hemp which in ancient times was used for making clothes. In this corner of Via Indipendenza there were originally three shops: food, clothes and wine, that is why you can read PANIS VITA, CAÑABIS PROTECTIO, VINUM LAETITIA. (Bread is life, hemp is protection, wine is joy).


3. Voltone del Podestà



Right under Arengo Tower, part of Podestà Palace in Piazza Maggiore, there is a vault. Apparently nothing special but if stand in the corner and whisper in a low voice, anyone who stands at the opposite corner can hear you clearly. Nobody’s quite sure why this happens, but some say it’s because of the circular structure of the vault.


Now it’s your turn to go to Bologna and find out the other four secrets!

Guido is a member of cabin crew in Ryanair’s Bologna base

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