15th March 2016

What’s the Craic, Ireland?

There are a few words and phrases that you’ll usually only hear in Ireland, or from the mouths of Irish people.

When something’s really good, it’s ‘deadly’ or ‘savage’. If something’s broken it’s banjaxed. Toilets are called ‘the jacks’. If you’re telling someone you definitely won’t do something, you say ‘I will, yeah’ (alternatively you could suggest that they ask your arse). If you’re happy, you’re not just happy – you’re ‘happy out’. Police are guards, tea can sometimes be tay, a dipso is an alcoholic and if you’re heading (or legging it), it means you’re leaving.

But above all other Irish-isms, the most commonly used one is unquestionably the word ‘craic’. You might have heard of it… you might have even had it – but just in case you haven’t, check out our video, in which we took to the streets of Dublin to find out what, exactly, ‘the craic’ is…

Dee Murray

Dee Murray

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