8th July 2015

Happy Birthday Ryanair #Ryanair30

Fiona Hilliard

Fiona Hilliard

A love of new cultures is what drives Dublin travel writer Fiona Hilliard to explore the cities of Europe and beyond.


  • Agnieszka Kowalska

    Happy Birthday, Ryannair! Hope you still have many years ahead of you! 🙂

    8th July 2015 at 5:27 pm
    • Fiona Hilliard
      Fiona Hilliard

      Thanks Agnieszka! 🙂

      9th July 2015 at 7:05 am
  • duncanspokes@googlemail.com

    Have been flying Ryanair ever since about year 2 when flights began from Dublin to Bristol. The old 120 seat Boeing 737 jet was a huge improvement over the competitors turboprop aircraft with shorter flight times and better prices.
    Ireland was booming and my work took me there 30 – 40 times a year all with Ryanair and I can count on the fingers of one hand any problems or delays.
    Very soon we saw 1p fares (plus £5 tax!!) and as a family we took some great trips that would have been out of our reach financially. Shopping trips to Dublin for a family of four at £40.08 that were cheaper than a single train fare from Bristol to London for instance.
    This year saw me and my son visit the Ducati factory in Bologna for a few days, just for fun and because the £39.98 return fare made it possible. In fact it cost more to park my car at the airport for 5 days and that didn’t turn a wheel.
    And thats what I like about Ryanair, its a basic no frills service that makes journeys possible you would never have considered. Its opened travel up for everyone and long may it continue.

    14th August 2015 at 2:22 pm

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