2nd April 2017

10 Things to Look Forward to in Always Getting Better 4

‘Always Getting Better’ (AGB) is Ryanair’s programme of improvements and initiatives to enhance our customers’ experience.  With the launch of AGB 4, we’ve got plenty more reasons for you to enjoy low cost travel at Ryanair, here are 10:


1.Lower Fares



It’s going to be even cheaper to fly Ryanair. We’ve saved around €70 million on lower oil prices in the 2018 financial year and we’ll be passing on this saving to you with even lower fares.



2.More Bases, Better Frequencies

map bases


New bases mean more new routes and increased frequencies of flights at key destinations all across the Ryanair network. That means even more choice for you when booking your great value getaway.



3.Connecting Flights




From April 2017, you’ll be able to organise and book connecting flights within our website and app.  In addition, you’ll  have the option of connecting with flights  provided by other long and short haul airline partners via Ryanair.com and the Ryanair app from September 2017.




4.MyRyanair Phase 2




From September 2017, MyRyanair members can look forward to incentives including cash-back and travel credits as well as tailored offers straight. Onscreen, members will be able to access notifications via a special inbox as well as the option of saving separate profiles for business and personal travel.



5.“Plus” Products Improved



From May 2017, Ryanair customers will have a choice of 4 different fare types including Standard, Flexi- Plus, Leisure Plus and Family Plus. The new improved Flexi-Plus now offers a cancellation option offering 50% credit as well as more flexibility by sector and in trip.  Leisure Plus will now be available by sector and not just full trip. There are also upgrades available while in-trip. Family Plus has been relaunched to include a fare bundle with more flexibility by sector and in-trip.


6. Ryanair Holidays



Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 11.08.03 a.m.


We’re now offering complete, great value package holidays to our customers in Germany, the UK and Ireland.  This product will be launching next in Italy, Spain, Poland and France, with, 3, 4 and 5 star hotels.  Customers can choose from Mediterranean resorts, as well as city breaks. Ryanair Holidays offers full consumer protection.


7.Ryanair Rooms – more partners, more choice


Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 11.10.35 a.m.


From March 2017, we’re working with 5 partners (3 new)  to offer an increased choice of rooms as well as better access to accommodation searches.

 8. Amazon of Travel – Discovery & other airlines’ fares




From October 2017, we’re offering enhanced search and booking options, with multi-airport city search available in London, Rome and Brussels.

From September 2017, you’ll be able to access downloadable destination guides from within the app.  This bespoke travel content is offered in 6 languages allowing you to click, read, watch and fly.


9. Express Booking and Auto Check-In


express booking


From April 2017, you’ll be able to save time on booking flights, transfers and extras, thanks to our new pre-saved preferences option. From May 2017, we’re making online check-in as simple as possible – you’ll be able to check-in for both flights when you book return seats.



10. Ryanair Transport




From May 2017, you’ll be able to get from A to B with an even better choice of transport options.  This improved choice of parking and transfers will cover more key airports, even allowing you to book London’s Stansted and Gatwick Express from within the app.


Ryanair Staff

Ryanair Staff

Ryanair’s staff are a well travelled bunch, it goes with the territory. You can count on them for tried and tested travel reviews and trip advice.

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    Oh my god yesss!! Looking forward to all of them, especially number 3 and 4!

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