25th noviembre 2016

7 cosas diferentes que hacer en Londres

After strolling and seeing the most iconic and traditional London reflected in some of its main monuments and more typical neighborhoods such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Notting Hill neighborhood or the Camden Town market, it is interesting to get a little outside Route and discover the coolest and not so British face of the UK capital.



The Shoreditch neighborhood in the East End of London used to be as it is in many cities, the typical working-class neighborhood away from the flashes and lights of the commercial Oxford Street in the center of the well-known square mile. Characteristic for its bare red brick houses, it hardly attracted attention. Over the years all this has been changing to become one of the secrets voices of London, that is to say, one of the most fashionable neighborhoods and with more pull of the City . So much so that to say Shoreditch is trendy thanks to the urban culture reflected in the incredible and colorful graffiti that envelop and adorn the streets and all those young people who inhabit it.


In addition, this corner of London more hipster stands out for its startups and modern establishments, such as barbershops, cafes, restaurants and fashion shops. Noteworthy: typical markets such as the Columbia Road Flower Market that is produced every Sunday and where in addition to taking some bouquet home, you can enjoy brunch or having a beer while traveling musicians in the street waste talent by putting soundtrack to your walk.



Even if you think that everything is already in sight, sailing the Thames in a small cruise starting at the feet of Big Ben himself can be one of the best choices on a sunny day. If you believe the Tube or London Underground has captivated you, expect to take the London tour from the Thames through the mythical Westminster, London Eye, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, the Maritime Museum and many other curious buildings and ships Finally reach Tower Bridge, next to the Tower of London. With City Cruises , cruise operator on the Thames, it is also possible to choose the Hop on Hop off modality , that is, go up and down at the different docks to visit the attractions.


As a curiosity, to say that the Tower Bridge, inaugurated in its final version in 1884 belongs to the city council of London and is maintained by Bridge House Estate, a non-profit organization. Therefore anyone who wants to sail the Thames can pass through the bridge without any charge as long as you notify the authorities 24 hours before.



If you want to change the British diet of fish & chips for a while, you might like to know that in London there are interesting culinary alternatives from all over the world. One of them is the grilled meat offered by El Comedor Grill & Bar in Upper Street, undoubtedly one of the places of reference in London under the baton of chef Brett Duarte. With a first-class product and the best cut of meat in the Argentinean style, it has a rich menu with many alternatives: tuna ceviche (avocado, red onion, cilantro …), an assortment consisting of Spanish sausage, blood sausage, pork sausage … among other dishes.


The 1kg porterhouse steak, the so-called King of the cuts, is one of the stars of El Comedor and to try it is an experience. They are also highly recommended the churrasco, the roast and the ribs. On Mondays you will enjoy a good offer where everything has a 50% discount.



Even if you are not much of a museum this is not just anyone. The Tate Modern Gallery promises to amaze you whether you are a lover of art exhibitions or not and also, it is always a good idea especially the days when the London climate does not give a truce. Located in the center, in the former power station of Bankside, today is a renovated building. Admission is free for your permanent exhibition. This museum is one of the most important in the world with artists such as Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso or Andy Warhol in the portfolio. Sculptures, paintings and works included in collections ranging from the nineteenth to the present.



And if London is small for you or you want to take a dip, you can always escape at your expense. And you wonder, does London have a coast? The city of Brighton is known to be the favorite refuge of Londoners during the summer. It is only 1 hour by train from the center of the English capital and there you can enjoy the fresh air and the essence of its magnificent pier (pier), one of its main symbols. In it, there is an amusement park where you will also see fantastic sunsets with endless views of the sea.



And one of the most important religions in London and in all the British Isles is football. And after its two cathedrals, the one of Saint Paul (anglican church) and the one of Wembley (stadium where England plays its parties), one of the most important temples of the London soccer at club level is the one of the gunners , as they are Popularly calls the fans of Arsenal. The “gunners” club, has 130 years of history, and its name originates in the workers of an old arms factory.


The Emirates Stadium in the neighborhood of Holloway is the home where Arsenal plays its matches and can be visited by touring the facilities . In it you will be able to step on the authority’s box and feel the energy and grandeur of the Emirates and its stands with capacity for 60,000 spectators. Imagine him bursting into one of his great nights with the public jaleando between songs and applause. Meditate your reflections to share with the journalists in the press room, yes, without forgetting to visit the locker rooms and lockers of your favorite stars. And finally, it goes through the tunnel that leads to the field and to the benches.

Among other things the tour also offers entrance to the club trophy museum and a photomontage session to give you a complete experience and make you feel as if the team’s next signing was you. The Emirates Stadium experience awaits!


Photo: Garry Knight

There was a time when the markets in Camden and Notting Hill were not “as commercial” as they are now. If you are looking for the essence of old London then Brick lane may be your place. As a Porta Portese in Rome or the Rastro in Madrid, talking about Brick Lane is talking about one of the oldest street markets in the capital where you can dive among the hundreds of small shops and stalls that sell countless items such as: Vintage clothing, Art Deco furniture, bicycles, electronic gadgets and all kinds of objects. Their main day is Sundays, especially noisy at noon.

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