1st January 2017

Extremely Low Fares, Extremely Big Adventures

Right. No more messing around with New Year’s resolutions. Treadmill this and quit smoking that… frankly, we think you can do better.

Make 2018 the year of getting more action. No, not that kind of action (although if you can get more of that, fill your boots). No, we mean the other kind. The extreme sports kind, that gets your blood pumping and your hearth thumping its way out of your ribcage. The kind that makes you face fears and challenge yourself.

Europe is an absolute cornucopia of incredible landscapes, wild seas, rivers and canyons, mountains and volcanoes – and with our extremely low fares it’s never been so accessible. So in 2018, go hard or go home!



Taking on the Sligo surf with iSurf Ireland

Europe has loads of great spots for surfing, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned surfer. All those Atlantic coastlines are a good place to start; think France, Portugal, Morocco, the Canaries, England’s southwest coast, and of course, lovely Ireland.

We went to Strandill in Sligo for this video. Ireland’s west coast is famous for its superb Atlantic surf, but Sligo in particular is renowned for having consistently good surf that’s both kind to beginners in places, and seriously challenging in others (like the famous badboy big waves in Mullaghmore). Strandhill itself is just a 50 minute drive away from Knock (Ireland West) Airport, and 2.5 hours from Dublin Airport.

Strandhill is a super beach for beginners to learn the basics, and for intermediate surfers to improve and hone their skills. If you’re looking to do either of those things, you’re in good hands with the lads at iSurf Ireland, who provide individual lessons or full surf camp packages that will have you riding waves in no time.



A serious leap of faith with Skydive Madrid

You can go skydiving all over Europe, but in Autumn and Winter it can be a little hit and miss with the weather and wind, so you want somewhere that at least has a fighting shot at a calm, clear day.

We went to Madrid, and made the short trip (just 35 minutes) from there to the Skydive Madrid dropzone. Skydive Madrid offers tandem skydives from 3000 and 4000 metres, but if you want to go solo you can come here and get your licence to jump solo in three days with Freefall University.

Jump in the morning, in the sun, and you can be back in the city centre eating tapas by noon.

Mountain Biking


Views over Dublin from the Ticknock MTB trails with Biking.ie

One of the great things about mountain biking is that you can do it in rain or shine, so a bit of wet weather doesn’t affect the superb MTB trails in destinations like Ireland or Scotland. We went to the Ticknock MTB trails just 30 minutes from Dublin Airport (20 from Dublin city centre). The trails here are great – well signposted and technically challenging – but the best part is the incredible view you get down over the city and Dublin Bay.

Biking.ie have a rental shop at the bottom of the mountain where you can rent all the gear you need (and get some MTB lessons if necessary!). You can even book a mountain biking Day Tour a little further afield in the gorgeous Wicklow Mountains – an incredible way to see this beautiful part of Ireland.

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Dee Murray

Dee Murray

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    i want flight plan from Ireland to the Amsterdam in April

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  • Michele Walker

    40 minutes from Girona is a place called Ampuriabrava in the bay of roses.near the town of Rosas and Figueras .Dali fame.This place in Catalunya has everything.Tennis,skydiving,kite surfing,camping,mountain biking,off road motorbikes,discos bars.Airport.Flying club. 4 mile beach.etc.

    30th January 2017 at 3:44 pm

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